INIRAM and SIR Meccanica Bring Portable Machine Tools to America

Italians are well known for their artisanship, ingenuity and creativity. They’re also known for bringing what they know “to the table” with unique flair. Recently, INIRAM invited SIR Meccanica, an Italian-based manufacturer of portable machine tools, to pull up a chair to extend their quality offering through the INIRAM network.

SIR Meccanica has been manufacturing portable machine tools for over 25 years and its CNC and multifunctional tool products are characterized by reliability, innovation, formal precision and elegance. The portability is essential to on-site repair and servicing industries such as agricultural, construction, shipyard, oil and gas and nuclear where timing is critical and downtime can have widespread repercussions.

The company’s products are based on the use of latest technology, combined with highly specialized manual and artisan skills, that are passed on in large part by legacy. This varied knowledge makes SIR Meccanica able to adopt a tailor-made approach and interpret needs and specific requests from customers and plan and manufacture custom-made solutions, ensuring quality and efficiency.
Sir Meccanica’s latest pride are the Full CNC Series, which are the “cream of the crop” of the production range.

“The INIRAM name is one we are proud to be associated with.” states SIR Meccanica’s Loredana Turco. “Even a continent away, INIRAM’s CEO Lucien Marini’s name is synonymous with integrity. We sought him out knowing our two companies were a good fit—discovering his Italian origins—the ‘paisan’ connection was ‘gravy’ as you say!”

INIRAM Precision Machinery, LLC showcases the world’s most advanced precision machining technology right here in their Northeast headquarters in Middleton Massachusetts where they offer cutting edge universal machining and multi-tasking mill turn systems for a broad range of industries.

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