Sir Meccanica S.p.A. has been in the world market for 25 years. The company is among the brand leaders in the sector for the production of portable multifunction machine tools. Sir Meccanica machine tools introduce new and revolutionary techniques in order to perform grinding work in the production and maintenance of internal and external cylindrical surfaces, in heavy and light metallic carpentry in the sector of earthmoving, mining, building, agriculture, road constructions, industrial field, machines and plants linked to transport and energy, railway equipment, nuclear plants, shiypyards, gas and petroleum extracting towers. Visit Sir Meccanica's website:

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W Series:

For in-line boring (also on blind holes), overlay welding internal and external (also blind holes), drilling, tapping, facing bosses, creating circlip grooves, external machining

W Series full CNC:

Curved shaping with any tips of radius, conical machining and any type of chamfer, all types of threadings, simple and shaped facing, any type of grooving, phonographic grooves.

FMax Series:

For general flange facing, milling, turning, boring, drilling (electronic dividing head for circular series) operations, creating of circular pockets, tapping, grooving, plunging, preparation of chamfers, overlay welding, oxygen cutting.

TOP Series:

For rectilinear and curved - internal and external interpolations, standard and tapered threading, simple and profile facing, multilevel cylindrical grooves.

W TMax Series:

For internal cylindrical threading.

RSX9 Series:

For boring and realignment on big diameters and over long lengths.

Rotary Welding:

For internal and external overlay welding.

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