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Hamuel HSTM Series

CNC Turn-Milling Machines HAMUEL HSTM SERIES High Speed CNC Turn-Milling Machines The HSTM series consists of CNC turn-milling machines with a horizontal work piece orientation. The HSTM series provides cost effective CNC manufacturing of high precision work pieces such as turbine blades, blisks and impellers. The series also handles: Single-part and series production Other turn […]

Hamuel 3FTB Series

CNC Turning-Milling Machines HAMUEL 3F-TB SERIES Blade Root Milling Machine Blade Milling The Hamuel 3F-TB milling machine is specially designed for the efficient milling of finger-type and fir-tree roots of turbine blades. This triple-axis CNC vertical milling machine has a horizontal drive spindle that drives the disk milling cutters positioned on the milling spindle. The […]