As a World leader in turbomachinery milling for the aerospace and energy industries, Hamuel Reichenbacher has over 30 years experience in 5-axis and multi-axis technology. Hamuel is a supplier of complete production solutions, with machines that offer consistently high yield with maximum mechanical load.

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Solutions for the Aerospace and Energy Industries

Hamuel’s advanced and innovative processes accommodate the most critical machining and manufacturing processes. Hamuel multifunction machines produce parts completely, in one set-up, with speed and robustness.

Hamuel machinery offers:

Blade milling software with post processor
Workholding and tooling
Part handling and transportation interfaces through pallets and robots
The industry’s cleanest part finishes with state-of-the-art MQL/CO2 dry machining technology
North American Headquarters

INIRAM is the exclusive importer and distributer of Hamuel turbo milling machines for all of North America. INIRAM provides engineering support as well as parts and service for the Hamuel Aerospace/Energy single blade milling processes. Demonstrations provided in our New England technology center.

Call INIRAM at 978-854-3037 or email us to schedule a demo for your CNC turn milling application.

Hamuel Machining Centers