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HAMUEL HSC-turning-milling center of the HSTM SERIES
Hybrid Turbine Blade & Turbo Fan Remanufacturing Machine

50% 3D Laser Cladding Machine

50% Milling Machine with 3D Scanning

= 100% Automated & Adaptive Repair Solution for High Value Components

Hamuel’s Hybrid machining options allow full adaptive processes that can combine high speed milling, 3D scanning, laser cladding, 3D inspection, deburring / polishing, and laser marking, all in a single machine.

Laser powder cladding is becoming prominent in the machining industry, not only to produce new complex parts which are not possible by conventional manufacturing processes, but also to repair damaged parts. Turbine Wheels with damaged blades, for example, are normally rejected due to the high repair cost.

Using the laser cladding process, the damaged blade profile can be reformed back to the original equipment specifications. The Hybrid system would do this by milling off the damaged area and then building the material back up by laser cladding, without removing the part from the machine between operations, resulting in a decisive cost advantage. 

Laser cladding can also combine different materials together allowing the composition and topology of parts to be optimized for long lasting performance in harsh or extreme operating conditions. Test parts show an excellent quality of the welding area that fulfills the stringent requirements for aerospace parts. Like all other tools, the laser cladding head is stored in the tool magazine with the same standard interface HSK A63, allowing the adding of material to be easily integrated into the part process, along with complete machining in a single clamping operation. 

The 150 HD Hybrid, along with every Hybrid system, includes adaptive processing through in-cycle reverse engineering and 3D laser cladding (or Additive Manufacturing), without compromising the milling quality that Hamuel is known for. The ability to extend the life of high value and complex components made from specialized materials, is both cost effective and environmentally friendly. 

The Hybrid manufacturing machine system combines the capabilities of five different machines: 5-axis CNC milling, Laser Cladding Cell, Robot Polishing Cell, CMM and Laser Marking. This combination in a single machine, saves floor space and costs only a fraction of a multi-machine repair cell. It’s the most flexible system for re-manufacturing worn parts and consumes only a fraction of the energy, time and cost required to manufacture new parts.

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The Hamuel HSTM series is available for demos in our technology center. Call INIRAM at 781-697-6422 or email us to schedule a demo for your CNC milling and turning application.